Who can buy tickets?

Members of the University of Cambridge (with an active CRSID) are able to buy one ticket for themselves, plus up to two tickets for their guests. Guests may or may not be members of the university, but must be bona fide acquaintances.

What ticket options are there?

Tickets will be released in three separate sessions (the dates for each release are to be confirmed and subject to change). There will be ‘Standard’ tickets (access to the ball all night long), ‘Fellows’ tickets (for verified Fellows of Fitzwilliam college), ‘Dining’ tickets (which include a three course meal before the ball), and ‘Queue Jump’ tickets (which allow you access to the ball all night long, plus the opportunity to skip the queue).

I am an alumnus without an active CRSID- how can I buy tickets?

Alumni should contact winterball.secretary@fitz.cam.ac.uk. if they would like to purchase a ticket- they will be issued a unique code which will allow them to purchase tickets.

Where can I buy tickets?

This year, tickets can only be bought through QPay (an online ticketing platform).

When do I pay for tickets?

You’ll have to pay the full price for the tickets at the checkout on the QPay website.

Do Fitzwilliam students have priority?

No. Early bird tickets are available to purchase by all members of the University of Cambridge on the 17th March 2018 at 12 midday.

Will I need ID to enter the ball?

Yes- all guests will need to provide valid photographic ID. Valid forms of photographic ID are limited to: driving licence, passport, national identity card. The lead ticket purchaser will need to be a member of the University of Cambridge and will also need to show their CamCard on entry.

What are Fellows’ tickets?

Fellows’ tickets may only be bought by verified Fellows of Fitzwilliam college. These tickets do not include dining.

When a fellow is verified, they will then be given a password to purchase tickets online.

We may offer an upgrade to dining to Fellows subject to availability in the future.

Are there any age restrictions?

All guests must be over the age of 16 on the night of the Ball to gain entry. Those who are aged 16 or 17 on the night of the ball will be issued an ‘under 18s’ wristband, which will prevent them from being served alcohol. Should a guest aged 16 or 17 consume any alcohol at the Ball, or attempt to do so, they will be ejected from the Ball (see Terms and Conditions).

Why was I charged an extra £1?

When you enter your credit/debit card, a £1 hold is sometimes placed on the card by the banks (to verify that the card is real and not fraudulent), but it isn’t a “charge”, the hold should disappear within 24 hours.

How do I get my tickets?

When paying, you will be asked to provide your email address, CRSID and mobile number. You will also be asked to provide the email addresses and mobile numbers of your guests.

Once tickets have been purchased, the lead purchaser may view all tickets purchased (including any guest tickets) in their online QPay account or through the QPay app.

Guests may also access their tickets separately by downloading the QPay app and creating a QPay account using their mobile number. Once inside the app, guests will be able to access their tickets.

Each e-ticket contains a one-time-use scannable barcode which will be used to gain entry to the ball. On entry to the ball, you will also be given a wristband, which must be worn at all times.

Are there paper tickets?

We are not issuing paper tickets. You will need to bring along your phone, as e-tickets are accessible only within the QPay app. Each e-ticket has a one-time-use scannable barcode which will be scanned at entry to the ball.

We will also be issuing wristbands on entry which must be worn at all times.

Can I print my ticket?

We do not accept printed tickets in any circumstances.

I don’t have a smartphone- what should I do?

If you cannot access your ticket because you do not own a smartphone, please contact winterball.secretary@fitz.cam.ac.uk. Don’t worry- you’ll still be able to come to the ball.

I didn’t get a ticket- what should I do?

Stay tuned for further releases!

Am I able to change the name on my ticket?

Yes, but not yet. This feature will be available in the near future for a small fee of approximately £6.