This year's theme is Exhibition.

Come create, play & explore in our multi-sensory playground, where we will celebrate the power of creativity. Make your way through our individually curated spaces, each unique and brimming with inspiration.


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Your donation will go to Conservation International, a charity that devotes itself to environmental and sustainable development issues by working on projects in underdeveloped nations and forming partnerships with businesses on the environmental front.


We're offering half-on half-off positions, as well as full-time paid managerial roles. Half-on half-off allows students to enjoy one half of the ball for free in exchange for working for the other half. All workers will be required to attend one of the two short training sessions, which are provisionally set to happen in the week before the ball.

If you have any questions, email

Area Managers

You will be responsible for the smooth running of a designated area and the team of workers in that area. This includes making sure the area is clean and safe but also ensuring the welfare of workers and happiness of guests. What we expect from you: good leadership skills, responsibility and reliability, ability to handle pressure well, and paying attention to detail. Past experience of working at Cambridge Balls or relevant work experience is necessary for this role.

This is a full-time paid position. Impressive applicants will be invited to interviews in early Michaelmas term.

Half-on Half-off positions

All applicants will be invited to interviews in Michaelmas term.

General Worker: You could be assigned to one of a variety of different jobs, including waste and glass collection, depending on the area of the ball you are assigned to. You must be motivated and work efficiently. No prior experience is required.

Food and Drinks Worker: You will assist in serving food and preparing, restocking and serving drinks in the bars. Cheerful disposition (or good acting skills) preferable. Prior hospitality experience preferable but not required.

Hit Squad Member: You will be part of a team which will carry out any one of a number of tasks throughout the night, as situations arise which need extra workers. This will range from serving drinks to moving furniture to crowd management. You must work well in a team and adapt to situations quickly. Prior experience is preferred.

Steward: You will be ensuring that all regulations and rules are adhered to, paying attention to the health and safety aspects of the ball such as the flow of guests, coordinating evacuations should they occur and monitoring crowds and preventing overcrowding. You must be reliable, communicative and observant. No experience is necessary as you will be trained prior to the night of the ball.

Ents Runner: You will be escorting the performers to wherever they need to be during the night as instructed by the ents officer/area manager. You must be reliable and able to keep to a strict schedule, whilst remaining friendly but professional. Experience of positions with responsibility is preferable.


If you have a question about the ball, it’s likely that you will be able to find an answer here. We’ve answered a range of FAQs, from ticketing, to disabled access, to sponsorship.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question, please contact if your question is about ticketing, or for any other important queries.